• Contest Details

    Judging Criteria

    4 Judges

    Style-Technical-Line / Consistency - Overall impression  

    Each Judges 1 criteria

    Scores from each judge shown immediately! 

    Each Judge has up to 25 points to award

    Totaled up best score of 2 runs is counted 

    Schedule of Day

    Registration Check in 11 am

    Contest Starts: 12 noon-3pm

    Flatland Freestyle: Novice, Amateurs,Legends and Pro

    3pm-5pm : High Ollie, Manual Challenge, 360 Spins, Best Trick

    Entry Fee

    Flatland Freestyle:

    Novice $10

    Amateurs / Masters: $20

    Professionals: $30

    *All participating in Flatland Freestyle can enter all of extra events

    Extra Events: $5 per event if not skating in Flatland Freestyle 

    Photographer / Event DJ

    Our event photographer: Mark Cline


    Event DJ: TBA soon! 

    Event Caterer

    Wahoos Tacos

     Providing lunch to all competitors!


    Event Sponsors

    Powell Peralta

    One Skateboard Co

    The Skateboard Academy of Philadelphia

    More to be announced soon!