Philly Freestyle US Championships 2013
So far over 50 skaters will be attending this event representing from all over the US! Additionally we may have some international presence as well from Europe and South America so we are staying tuned for those developments!

Every year this event draws all sorts of skaters and the level of creativity, technicality and overall fun is second to no other contest out there!

This is also one of the only if not the only contest that is open to short freestyle boards, regular sized street boards, bowl rider boards and longboards as it is all skateboarding and everyone brings something different to the table.

It should be a great event and a great day as it is all for a great cause; The Gear for GROMS inner city skateboard program, which helps get kids into skateboarding and promotes both academic and social achievement. This is a non-profit group that is partnered with 501 C3 Franklin’s Paine, who builds parks and creates program opportunities for the city’s youth through skateboarding!

Come on out and have some fun with us! Sign up today!
Philly Freestyle 2013