2017 US Championships

Filmed by Paul Damonds and Edited by Jacob Whitt

2016 US Championships

Gentle Jones shot this montage the year the Swede won! Ironic you can see Felix in the 2010 Worlds as an Amateur who was afraid to compete then 6 years later wins the Pro at US Championships!

2015 US Championships

Check out this great video by Kyle Hamilton.
This is at Rizzo but the indoor rink so in case of bad weather we are covered!

2014 US Championships

Check out this great video

2013 US Championships Montage

Pete Betti shot some footage of the event. Check out some of who was there! 

2011 US Championship Montage

Lynn Cooper filmed the entire event, stil waiting for the edit! :)
This was filmed by Jacob Whitt, he looks a lot different now! I rented a team van and took them around the city skating various spots! There is also footage from the contest at the West Philly location.

2010 World Championships

This is the event that started it all for Philly Freestyle! 90 registered skaters from 12 countries and 20 states came to compete for $5000 pro purse donated by Powell Peralta. The whos who of Freestyle were in attendance!